Monday, January 11, 2010

Let it snow

So the last few weeks weather is starting to recede.
having spent the weekend playing with my kids making snowmen and having some fun with them in the snow i got a chance to catch up on the papers yesterday evening, I was shocked to see the headline of one of the papers likening the response from the government to dads army well i am afraid that even dads army would have more structure to an event like what has happened.
What annoyed me even more was to read that the minister of transport said that he had a right to spend time with his family when he was away on holidays well that's very true minister but remember that you have been of from practically the beginning of December so i think you get to spend more time with your family than most do.
if you think about it i recon that these guys at the top of the political pile must think that they are superstars or top sports people.
but the complete joke of this is even though the guys that play at the top of the football have to work over the holiday period playing 2 games in a week between Christmas day and new years.
this is part of there contract of employment so what is the difference between them and our Representatives in government well simple, Once they are in power the write there very own contracts which i find very strange can you imagine an employee of a large MN getting a job and then handing his employers a new work contract say this is how it is for me like it or lump it.
This is exactly what has happened to us as a nation instead of us the voters being the masters and the politicians being the slaves to us they have some how reversed this on to us. They forget that they are on a contract of employment with the country that is reviewed ever 4 years or so depending on when they decide to call an election.
they have done the same with us with Nama which i feel should have been put to the voters to decide whether we shall pay all of this money over the next decades to the banks for screwing over every single person on this island whether they work or not as with the higher level of taxes that are going to be needed over the next number of years to pay for all of this.
People say that now that Nama has passed into law that there is nothing the normal person on the street can do to reverse this, well i feel that there is a simple solution to ensuring that the government is forced to nationalising the banks then conducting a staged write down of the bad loans that are there as i bet over the next 12 months there is going to be a need of a number of recapitalisation's of the banks after Nama which again is put to the burden of the people of this island. A quick process to make this happen would be to pick a specific date and to organise the entire population that hold bank accounts with all of these banks to go and demand a full withdraw of all of there available cash. This would send the banks into a spin as it is known that they do not have near sufficient cash in had to cover this type of action which then would have a two fold reaction in the country it would immediately be deemed to need government intervention and also the stock value would nose dive immediately which would call for a suspending of its shares these two events would combine into forcing the government to a full nationalisation to hold the intrinsic value the banks hold in the countries economy.
may then the government would begin to realise that change is needed and swift action must be taken


  1. Hey,
    I like your idea but you know it won't happen, Irish people will rather complain and moan to eachother while watching the news, then switch over to x factor/soccer/ whatever distraction and forget about it all. Sure isn't the cost of the pint coming down...yay!!!! Happy days are hear again.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read the site Eire nua it may not get anywere but if it starts to open peoples minds to the posibility of change then maybe it has done some good

  3. I dearly hope and pray so economyireland :-)

    Keep it going!!!