Thursday, January 7, 2010

Politics in a new Ireland

In relation to the current climate in both the politics and economy in Ireland i feel that there is an opportunity with like minded people that a new political entity can be established within the country that is based on the frame work of providing a fair and just society that will provide a long term vision of how the country should and can be run.
In its present state this country is run on the premise that those who have the most to loose through the current banking fiasco are the ones that is being protected whilst the vast majority of the population are being left to pay for this.
Is this right not in a million years in my opinion but the problem is how to begin to bring around the momentum of change needed within the mindset of the normal citizen that to bring this much needed change a seismic shift is needed in both political and economic thinking.
If we look at those most effected by the current situation that we now find ourselves in it is clear to see that a progressive attack is being made on the working fabric of society to an extent that these very people that can bring around the change needed by there pure size in the electoral vote are at such a stage of self defence in many cases keeping there lives afloat just to meet there families needs that they have no longer the will power to become involved with what could be a defining moment in Ireland's history that could provide the change required to once again enable the people of the country to take there lives back into there own hands and provide a clear future for the children and the further generations of this once proud country.
In my view there needs to begin a movement that engages in the areas of the population that have been most effected and those whom over the next number of years will bear the brunt of the disarray that the country is now in these include.
The Unemployed.
The Civil servant's.
Low income earners.
Middle income families.
within this group is the key to the building of the new Ireland that is now needed to move forward. This is also the group that has the biggest block of votes within the country and yet these very people are the one's that are effected the most in this current situation.
If a change can occur then i feel that it is within this group that the support base must be built and from small steps taken to engage the thinking within this area change can happen.


  1. Hi There,
    I would like to welcome you to the world of Blogging
    I have only just found your blog and will from time to time drop in and make a few comments
    You might not like or even agree with what I might say but that’s the way of free speech
    After a year of blogging I am even more depressed at not being able to make changes in the political scene, people are just not bothered it seems!

  2. Hi machholz
    thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and of coarse feel free to leave what you feel on the site.
    I think that it is important that some how we begin the debate to see if a new political party and system could be created within this country as with the current status quo the vast majority of people on this island shall always come second to the vested interests of those in power and there supporters