Saturday, January 9, 2010

new thinking an irish begining

Its Saturday evening and i am just after watching a documentary on the election of Obama as the president of America.
what has strike me was that the whole campaign was started from a very small base comparatively in the percentages in the US.
From this i have been thinking as i know we as a nation would find it very hard to build up the type of media hype that surround this campaign but in my thinking it must be possible to get people to start engaging in believing that change can happen within this island.
To do this we must start from a small base maybe it is from this page or not that is not for me to decide but by using the campaign methods that can be learned from the Obama election there could be the start of a new way of political movement that with the support of the ordinary person on the street a new beginning could happen within this country.
what shocked me most in watching this film was the diversity of campaign workers that were involved in the behind the scenes and the amount of belief that they generated out to the voting public.
interestingly before the first of the runoff's an American reporter that had been following Obama stated that although he had many valid points that were of high value to his sound bits were not very good as i listen to this the programme cut to one of his speak writers that was preparing his speeches and he explained that Obama had until the full beginning of the campaign wrote his own speech's from this and from some searching on YouTube i can say that there is a huge difference as from his pre campaign you could say that there was over a 100% improvement on his speeches.
what this brings me to is the point that if a group were to come together and started working in a different way than the usual political norm then maybe there would be a chance of a new political beginning in this country

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